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Female Body In Photography

By: Mike Daniels

Photography is a means of making pictures by the action of light. Light reflected from an object forms a picture on a light-sensitive device or material. This picture is then chemically or digitally processed into a photograph. The word photography comes from Greek words meaning to write or draw with light. A photograph is basically a picture drawn with rays of light.

Most photographs are made with a camera, which works in the same way as the human eye. It absorbs the rays of light that are reflected from a particular object or objects are focuses them into a wholesome image. Then the image is recorded on film or any electronic storage device, such as a floppy disk or memory card. What is good about photography is that the results of it can be seen by many different people around the globe and at any time, which means that the things of the past can travel in time.

A human body is one of the most describable things on earth. The depictions of male and female bodies are among the most ancient images. The rock paintings scribed by prehistoric people carry circles and sticks to symbolize the two sexes. A tremendous number of reality chroniclers and versatile geniuses, such as Leonardo da Vinci, tried to capture the essence of a human body and establish a line of well-balanced proportions. Everyone is searching for the perfect human scheme.

Some found it in the shapes and shivers of a female body. Female bodies are as various as they can be. Soft lines and delicate features, courageous chins and long fingers, calm and happy smiles and bellies and round hips directly associated with fertility and continuation of life. Expressive eyes, curvaceous necks, full lips and breasts can be as inspiring as slender bodies with thin bones covered with shining skin. Never has a female body been multiplied in images as in the 20 th century when the photograph was invented and came into wide use.

Thousands and thousands of photographers earned their bacon by imprinting a wonderful and challenging, audacious and capricious, dominating and submissive world of a woman. Magazine covers, billboards, advertising campaigns, family albums, posters, art exhibitions, frontispieces of numerous editions contain photographs of female bodies.

Unknown models as well as famous women don't miss a chance to pose in front of the camera to gain finances and a little bit of more fame or make up for the lost one. Making nude photos is one of the directions in art photography. "... It is with gratitude and pride that I step into the sunlight and celebration of women of color, expanding open in the knowledge that God can make nothing ugly or unlovable. God can't make any mistakes!" said Vanessa Williams, an actress, who participated in the creation of "Beautiful," a book glorifying Black women in their birthday suits by Marc Baptiste.

They say that beauty will save the world and beauty can be different. It does not differentiate race or color, age or the length of hair.

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This article was submitted by Mike Daniels, a professional photographer. Further information is available at this page -

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