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Camcorder Lens Filters
Most of us aren't professional videographers and have no intention of producing a feature film with our camcorder, but lens filters do have a purpose even for those of us who use a camcorder only for recreational purposes.
By: Christine Peppler

Camera Bags - Choosing the Right One
Camera bags have two main purposes- to protect the camera and to make it easy to tote your camera and accessories along. We can provide 4 simple tips for choosing the right camera bag.
By: Christine Peppler

Quick Camera Tips for Better Pet Pictures
For those with pets in their home, preserving memories of their time with us can be important. A good camera and knowledge of just a few photographic techniques can help to capture the kind of images that will be treasured for years to come.
By: Christine Peppler

Digital Cameras - External Flash Needed?
The built-in flash on a digital camera is compact, simple to use, and often effective. So why then, would the average, non-professional photographer need or want an external flash for their camera?
By: Christine Peppler

Digital Camera Tips - Beginning Concepts of Picture Composition
Have a digital camera but the pictures you take are lackluster? Not really interested in making a life study of photography but jealous of those great shots everyone else has at their desk? A few tips about how to set up a shot may be what you need.
By: Christine Peppler

The Right Scanner for Photographs
Scanners are a great tool which gives users the ability to convert prints, negatives, and slides into digital form allowing them to reliably store, edit, and print prized photos. We will show you how to choose the right scanner.
By: Christine Peppler

Back Up Photos From a Digital Camera
If the photos you take with your digital camera are important to you, you need to take heed. Disaster can strike, destroying the record of all of your precious memories. We have tips that will assure you can enjoy your digital memories for a lifetime.
By: Christine Peppler

Digital Cameras - What You See is Not Always What You Get
If you've ever snapped a picture only to find the top of the subjects head cropped off or an arm missing in the resulting image, you've probably been a victim of parallax error. We will tell you how to eliminate or reduce such photographic gaffes
By: Christine Peppler

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