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Dish Network DVR's and What You Should Know

By: David Johnson

Technology is improving all the time. One of the most exciting recent developments is DVR (Digital Video Recording) service, available from Dish Network. DVR service is a tape-free recording system, allowing you to record your favorite shows right from your cable box onto an internal hard drive without using VCR tapes or blank DVDs. Dish Network's DVR service also lets you instantly replay, rewind and play back, or pause live television broadcasts for up to 30 minutes. You can record and store up to 70 hours of programming with the DVR service, and watch your favorite shows or sporting events whenever you want-not just when they're airing! This article will tell you how to get the most out of your DVR service from Dish Network.

The first thing you should know about any new product is how it works. The DVR system is like the hard drive of your computer. It stores information in digital format and allows you to access it at random. Dish Network provides you with a box that contains the DVR system, which is connected to your television set in the same way as a typical cable box using RCA connections. A built-in tuner on your DVR transmits the television signal through an encoder and then to two different places: to the hard drive for storage, and as an analog signal to your television set for viewing. Like a computer, your DVR system from Dish Network runs on an operating system located on the hard drive along with available recording space and a buffer for live television-the feature that allows you to pause, rewind and playback live TV feeds.

What can you do with Dish Network's DVR service? The first and most obvious is the ability to record any programming and play it back later. The easy-to-use operating system will allow you to set the time and the channel you want to record. You'll never miss your favorite shows again with DVR service! You can use your DVR service to record all of your favorite shows, and then transfer them to external storage using your VCR. It is a simple process to delete programming from the DVR's hard drive after you've transferred it to tape, and it's a lot easier to record directly from your cable box than trying to set your VCR to record.

In addition to programming storage, there are many exciting benefits to DVR service from Dish Network. The advanced setting options allow you to program your DVR to record a particular show or shows every time it airs-even if the network lineup changes. Just select a show and use the menu options to record every episode that appears on Dish Network programming, and you're done! The options for pausing, rewinding, instant replays and playbacks for live television are easy to use. You can operate these features using your DVR television remote, just as you would with your VCR or DVD player.

You can even use Dish Network's DVR service to record shows that feature your favorite actor, director or category. The on-screen tools will guide you through the simple process of searching all of your available programming for up to two weeks in advance and select the shows or movies that match your interests-or simply record all of the programming that fits into your chosen categories. The Wish List feature allows you to type in actors' names, show titles, genres, and even keywords, and will alert you when programming related to your choices is scheduled to run so you have the option of recording them. DVR service from Dish Network allows you to have more control over your television viewing so you can always watch the shows or movies you want to see, when you want to see them.

Another thing you should be aware of to get the most out of your DVR service from Dish Network is the quality of recording. There are four quality levels you can set your DVR equipment to record from: basic, medium, high, and best. Each level uses a different amount of storage space to record a certain number of hours of programming. For example, the basic level allows the maximum hours your DVR system can hold, while the best level may only store about one-third of those hours. Most people are tempted to simply record everything at the basic level in order to have more space. However, it is best to change the quality level according to the type of programming you're recording. Typically, the more on-screen action there is in the programming you are capturing, the higher the level you'll want to use. Talk shows and classic black-and-white movies can be recorded and played back with no trouble on the basic setting. However, if you're a sports fan or plan to record fast-paced movies, you will want to use the higher settings-either high or best. They will take up more space on your DVR's hard drive, but the quality of the picture will be far better. At the basic setting, many fast-paced programs are difficult to watch.

Pricing for DVR service from Dish Network is another great reason to order the service. The DVR equipment is free, and if you already have Dish Network cable programming service you can sometimes use the equipment that is already installed. For one low monthly price, you have the ability to record and view unlimited programming whenever you want, and transfer your favorite shows and movies to VCR cassette tapes so you can record even more. You will never miss another episode of your favorite show. DVR service is a great way to build up your movie library. By recording your favorite movies at the highest quality settings and then transferring the films to VCR cassettes, you will have great quality copies on hand whenever you want to watch them. You may never have to make another trip to the video rental store again!

Altogether, DVR service makes sense. It's a great way to control the programming you want to watch, and allows you to view everything just as though you're watching a taped episode. You can replay your favorite live television moments instantly, capture every episode of your favorite shows, and build your movie library and so much more with DVR service from Dish Network.

Author Bio
Bio: David Johnson is an editor and consultant for several Satellite TV websites. Visit this DISH Network Satellite website for more information on Dish Network's Service and equipment.

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