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NameChristine Peppler
BioChristine Peppler is the owner and webmaster of Home Media Store which is dedicated to providing simple, easy to understand information about home electronics and entertainment devices.

Is Your Television Well Adjusted?
The default settings on a new television aren't the ones that produce the best picture at home in the living room. Settings that are too high or too low can result in an early demise of the screen or simply provide a poor picture.

Choosing an MP3 Player - The Easy Way
Selecting an MP3 Player that is exactly what you want is simple with a buying guide to get you headed in the right direction.

Quick Camera Tips for Better Pet Pictures
For those with pets in their home, preserving memories of their time with us can be important. A good camera and knowledge of just a few photographic techniques can help to capture the kind of images that will be treasured for years to come.

Cell Phone Plans - When Minutes Count
Understanding how cell phone minutes are billed can save users a great deal of expense on their monthly bill. We will explain the terminology that is common in cell phone plans.

Cell Phones - Tips for Choosing and Using Them for Better Pictures
More people are becoming dependent upon their cell phone for capturing images. We will tell you what to look for when picking out a camera phone and how to take better photographs with these handy devices.

Online Movie Rental And The One Billionth Movie For Netflix - Putting It in Perspective
Netflix delivered its billionth movie in February 2007. How does this stack up to other products and services and what will it take to deliver several billion more?

Camcorders: Steady Films without a Tripod
Tripods are a great way of getting steady films with your camcorder. Unfortuantely, a tripod is not always handy. We will show you how to choose a camcorder that will help to assure you capture smooth, high quality films.

How to Shop for Cell Phone Plans that Ease the Bite of Text Messaging Costs
Although very popular, text messaging has often resulted in exorbitant bills. Recently, cellular providers have begun providing an option that may be more cost effective: unlimited texting plans. Learn what to look for in such plans.

Digital Cameras - What You See is Not Always What You Get
If you've ever snapped a picture only to find the top of the subjects head cropped off or an arm missing in the resulting image, you've probably been a victim of parallax error. We will tell you how to eliminate or reduce such photographic gaffes

Digital Camera Tips - Beginning Concepts of Picture Composition
Have a digital camera but the pictures you take are lackluster? Not really interested in making a life study of photography but jealous of those great shots everyone else has at their desk? A few tips about how to set up a shot may be what you need.

Backing Up The Photos From a Digital Camera
If the photos you take with your digital camera are important to you, you need to take heed. Disaster can strike, destroying the record of all of your precious memories. We have tips that will assure you can enjoy your digital memories for a lifetime.

Data Service Plans - Where Your Cell Phone and the Internet Meet
Purchasing a web enabled cell phone is only one step in the process of getting the efficiency smartphones can provide busy, time limited people. We will tip you off on some important things to consider when choosing a data plan.

Camcorder Lens Filters - What Can They Do For You?
Most of us aren't professional videographers and have no intention of producing a feature film with our camcorder, but lens filters do have a purpose even for those of us who use a camcorder only for recreational purposes.

Getting the Right Scanner for Your Photographs
Scanners are a great tool which gives users the ability to convert prints, negatives, and slides into digital form allowing them to reliably store, edit, and print prized photos. We will show you how to choose the right scanner.

Stopping the Madness of Unwanted Calls and Messages to Your Cell Phone
Have you ever received unwanted calls on your cell phone? There is an annoyance and an expense to unsolicited marketing calls and text messages. How can you take control? We have a few tips to help.

Cell Phone Insurance - Look Before You Buy
With the risk of losing or having your cell phone stolen, have you ever wondered if cell phone insurance is a good idea. Possibly it is in some instances, but evaluating what it really offers may be eye opening.

Choosing a Digital Camera For Perfect Clarity and Color
A digital camera produces very good images. However, for those on a quest to create images that are even more color accurate and sharp there are a few things to concentrate on when shopping. Do you know what to look for

Committing to a Cell Phone Plan - the Critical First Days
Ever purchase a product or service and been severely disappointed? This is particularly distasteful with something like a cell phone plan that last 2 years. We will alert you to the best method available to thwart getting stuck with a bad plan.

Digital Cameras- Why You May or May Not Want an External Flash
The built-in flash on a digital camera is compact, simple to use, and often effective. So why then, would the average, non-professional photographer need or want an external flash for their camera?

Cell Phones and Land Lines - Getting the Best of Both Worlds
Your landline gives you excellent call quality. Your cell phone offers you great savings on long distance. Don't you wish you could have the advantage of receiving your cellular calls on your landline? You can, and we will tell you how.

Anatomy of a Camcorder
Do you know the anatomy of a camcorder? If you don't, talking to sales people can be confusing and make it difficult to select a camcorder. We will help you though with a brief lesson on the anatomy of these devices to help you shop with confidence.

Camera Bags - Choosing the Right One
Camera bags have two main purposes- to protect the camera and to make it easy to tote your camera and accessories along. We can provide 4 simple tips for choosing the right camera bag.

Cell Phone Plans That Make You Go Hmmm
Cell phone plans across the globe vary a great deal. Some say that cell phone plans in the US are more costly. However, there are some advantages to the cell phone plans in the US which may balance the difference.

Television - What You Need to Do Before 2009
For families that receive their television programming through analog, over-the-air signals, the to digital only programing in 2009 will require them to take action. We will explain what the steps you need to take.

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