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Tips on Understanding the Benefits of a Download Manager

By: Paul Wilson

A download manager facilitates downloading of files from the Internet. Designed with specific purposes in mind, a manager can:

Easy to use download managers integrate well with web browsers. Features include: scheduling, traffic shaping, virus checking, as well as cataloguing.

Download managers either use BHO, browser helper object or APP, asynchronous pluggable protocol to intercept downloads. Some managers use one while others use both methods. An effective download manager is known to increase download speeds by 500 percent.
Downloading videos, freeware, and shareware is facilitated by the use of a download manager. Download managers save downloaded files in appropriate folders and perform their functions late at night when you are not using the net.
A few download managers grant greater user control while others are designed such that the content developers have control. Some like GoZilla display adware in the user interface while others have spyware, FlashGet. There are some with no adware or spyware like LeechGet 2003.

Download managers are of many kinds. Some are free while others require payment. Commonly used managers are: Offline Explorer, Nici, GoZilla, WellGet, Download Accelerator Plus, and Mozilla Firefox. Related to but different are P2P applications: Kazaa, eMule, BitTorrent, and stream recorders.

An ideal download manager must be:

Any good download manger must maximize PC use, independently handle downloads, handle interruptions, and store files efficiently. Most download managers have built in systems that accelerate downloads by dealing with multiple segments simultaneously.

Choose a manager after you compute your PC needs. Find out what integrates well with your system. Always keep abreast with developments and changes in technology. A suitable download manager can make life easy and wonderful. Enjoy movies, videos, news clips, photographs, as well as games.

Author Bio
Paul Wilson is a freelance writer for, the premier website to find Free Software Downloads including free anti-virus software, free spyware detection software, free toolbars, free chat software and more. He also freelances for .

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