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The 40 Year Plan Over

By: Joshua Geary

Unbeknownst to 98% of working people, the 40 year plan is over. Statistics show that by age 65 less than 2% of Americans can truly retire in comfort without the help of family members or the government. The lackluster performance of the stock market over the past 6 years has dashed many people's hopes of retiring early. It used to be that you could get a great education, get a great job and settle with a company by 25 years of age, keep your nose clean, work your way to the top, invest in your companies stock and by age 65 retire the company you sacrificed for will take care of your retirement and medical expenses for life.

For many now this is just wishful thinking and a pipe dream.

Today's norms:

The harsh reality is: Corporate down-sizing (e.g. Gillette, Ford, and GM). Corporate bankruptcies - Enron, Worldcom). Company's robbing company pension plans and judges are allowing it to happen just ask people working for the airlines, illegal insider stock trading, age discrimination, companies cannot afford to pay health insurance premiums because they have sky-rocketed and people are living longer.

Other forces: World Instability, unfettered nuclear proliferation, Sept 11th, natural disasters all cooked together.

Yes, the poor performance of the stock market, lower interest rates and the real estate boom have contributed greatly to people looking for alternative investment strategies such as self directed investing of retirement funds in real estate.

The Internet, information proliferation, people's ability to share information, online financial software, and real time stock quotes.

Benefits of investing with self directed ira funds:

Granted self directing your retirement portfolio is not for everyone. But what are your legitimate alternatives?

Author Bio
Joshua Geary with Best Online Results is an avid writer, business strategist and online marketer. For more information on how you can get checkbook control of your IRA and turn your self directed IRA into a wealth magnet visit

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