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What You Need To Know About Gun Safes

By: Mark Endrell

Sportsmen often keep one to several firearms at their homes, and most are exposed to danger from a double threat - theft and fire. Gun safes provide an answer. Gun safes greatly improve the chance of valued firearms surviving a fire or burglary in your home.

You can find gun safes priced from around two hundred dollars into several thousand dollars, in common with gun prices. The cheaper or bargain gun safes may not provide adequate protection. They may not foil a skilled burglar, and they may not protect your guns if there is a fire.

Rifles and shotguns are still on show in many American residences, even in these changing times and with crime becoming problematic. Guns are an attractive target to thieves. Some sportsmen keep their firearms in a wall-mounted rack or over a fireplace. Others have them locked in a cabinet with a glass door. These keep the firearms out of the hands of children, but that glass door won't slow down a break-in artist more than a minute or two.

Gun safes are constructed of metal with locks designed to stop jimmying or prying. Most gun safes have bolt holes in the bottoms for permanently bolting to wood or concrete floors in houses. Since the average residential break in only takes eight minutes, it is unlikely a thief will risk lengthy drilling or cutting torch work on a gun safe.

When shopping for a gun safe: look for the UL label. This means the safe has been checked and approved by Underwriters Laboratories. Nearly all gun safes today have fire liners to resist damage from heat and flame.

Gun safes come in many different sizes and designs. A shopper would be wise to look for one big enough to hold all his or her valuable guns plus sufficient capacity for adding more in the future. It is wise to think about other safe storage needs, like jewelry or similar small valuable items. Note the length of your longest rifle or shotgun, and make sure the safe you like will accommodate it. Look for a model that blends with your home's decor.

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Written by Mark Endrell, whose work is published at Info About Safes

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