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Babywearing and Baby carriers
Descriptions of different types of baby carriers and information on babywearing
By: Sara Gower

Bedwetting Alarms Get Your Child On-Board
Parents of bedwetting children have many tricks and tools to try in the quest for dry nights. Here's one family's experience with the Malem Ultimate 1 bedwetting alarm.
By: Sue LaPointe

Bedwetting Tips: Bed Wetting Alarm
Bedwetting is a problem that may just go away or it may not. Parents need to help their children get through this challenge by researching and then trying different products and remedies.
By: Sue LaPointe

Your Child Wets the Bed - Why?
"Your kid wets the bed? What have you done wrong?" OK, you know you've been thinking it! Get the scoop on bedwetting - what causes it, and what DOESN'T cause it.
By: Sue LaPointe

Bedwetting: The Great Diaper Dependency Experiment
Is diaper dependency a real issue for bedwetting children? One family takes the plunge to see whether there's any legitimacy to the idea. Check out their results.
By: Sue LaPointe

Bedwetting Tips: What about Traveling?
Family vacations and trips to Grandma's house might seem overwhelming to parents of bedwetting children. Follow these handy tips, and you can hit the road without worrying.
By: Sue LaPointe

Dealing with Bullies
Not everyone your child meets is going to be kind and compassionate about his or her bedwetting problem. Does this mean sleepovers and campouts are out? Help your child plan ahead for these situations to avoid bullying right from the start.
By: Sue LaPointe

Tools to Deal Bedwetting Dilemma
Thank goodness we live in the 21st Century! Bedwetting's still no picnic, but at least we've got lots of tricks to try, and products that make coping just a bit easier.
By: Sue LaPointe

Coping with Bedwetting
What do you do when your bedwetting child outgrows GoodNites pull-ups? Why, you go shopping online, of course. Of course there are pitfalls in this plan but you can avoid them if you'll take some quick advice.
By: Sue LaPointe

Things to Tell Children Who Don't Believe in Santa
Every single Christmas, we get at least one email from a parent whose child has stopped believing in Santa. This article has been written to help parents answer some of the difficult questions that disbelieving children ask.
By: Leone Betts (Rooftop Post)

Growing Kids of Character
Character Development is all about wanting the best for children, helping them develop strong ethics and high moral standards. But it's not easy to grow caring, trustworthy, honest kids in today's world.
By: Ellie Dixon

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