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Understanding The Chinese Pregancy Calendars

By: David Brewer

What is a Chinese Pregnancy Calendar?

It is widely thought, that the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar can accurately predict the gender of a baby. Although unscientifically proven, the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar has an uncanny probability of correctly predicting the gender of a new-born baby.

This extraordinary device is remarkably simple to use. To predict the sex of your baby, you simply take into account the day of the baby's conception and the age of the mother at that point in time.

How to Use the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

To use the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar simply, locate your age, down the left hand column and follow the line to the right until you reach the date of the baby's conception.

The square that you land at is the one that determines the likely sex of your baby. A pink square denotes a girl and a blue square signifies the arrival of a boy is on the horizon.

Can the Time of Conception Influence the Gender of a Baby?

Gender is determined by the characteristics of the chromosomes, which are present in the eggs and sperm of the parents. The egg (or ovum) carries two X chromosomes while the sperm carries an X and a Y chromosome.

If an egg is fertilized by an X chromosome, a girl is conceived and fertilization via a Y chromosome will produce a boy.

Research has shown that although the female chromosome has a longer life span than the male one, the male chromosomes seem to have a higher motility rate.

It is widely, believed that the probability of producing a male baby significantly increases when sexual intercourse takes place close to ovulation. Conversely, intercourse that takes place earlier is more likely to result in a girl being conceived.

History of the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Approximately 700 years ago, an original Chinese Pregnancy Calendar was discovered in a royal tomb. This remarkable specimen is now exhibited at the Beijing Institute of Science in China.

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