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What You Need to Know to Make a Scrapbook

By: Marcus Harbert

The first thing you need to know about making a scrapbook is that it isn't a complicated process at all. Scrapbooking isn't just for the 'crafty' person among us either. In fact, you don't need to have any 'crafting' skills at all, in order to create a scrapbook of memories that will last for generations to come.

Scrapbooking is a way to take those photographs, and things that hold special meaning, out from the standard, and (yawn) boring photo albums, and the boxes where they are being stored, to add personality to and truly capture the 'essence' of what these mean to you.

There are so many books, DVD's, software programs, scrapbook stores, and internet sites dedicated to scrapbooking that anyone can do it. In books, and DVD's about scrapbooking you will find ideas and tips on how to create personalized pages for your scrapbook, some even have patterns that are easily copied for use in the designing of your scrapbook. Most software programs have templates built into them for a fast and simple way to decorate your scrapbook. Scrapbook stores, online and off, and web sites for scrapbooking are all good resources to find design ideas for your scrapbook as well as the supplies you will need to complete your project. You will even find information on how best to join or bind your personal pages together once you have created them to make a lasting keepsake that you will cherish. With such a wealth of information, materials, supplies, and services available today: it is no wonder that scrapbooking has become so popular, and fun for so many.

Some of the unique supplies available for you to use in making a scrapbook and that also helps to make this such an easy and enjoyable activity for so many include items such as:

Making a scrapbook of memories doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor either. You can find many of these things at discounted prices and you may already have some of these items around the house, in the kids craft box for example. Scrapbook making is especially fun for children. Let them get out the construction paper and cut out picture from magazines or old greeting cards to glue on their very own special pages. Encourage them to be creative using markers, crayons, glitter pens, stencils, buttons, small pieces of fabric, or whatever else you can come up with together. You can punch holes in the pages that they create and then let them loop the pages together with ribbon or yarn. This is an activity that will keep the kids busy for long periods of time and is also an activity that you can enjoy right along with them.

Once you have all constructed your own unique scrapbooks, you can share them with one another to get a different perspective on old photographs and memories. Recall the memories of the events displayed in your scrapbooks and share love, laughter, and life-lessons with each other.

It is time to bring those pictures and mementos that hold such precious memories, out from the confines of drab albums and dark boxes, so that they can be displayed in a manner that best represents their full meaning to you and those you share these treasure books with. Create your keepsake treasure by making a scrapbook today!

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