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Mizuno Golf Clubs Reviewed

By: John Woods

Using a variety of Mizuno golf clubs, especially the Mizuno putter, we had a bit of a hard time feeling contact, and feeling contact with the golf ball is everything in golf. Whether you're hitting an approach shot, driving, putting, or working your way out of a bunker, the need to feel the club face directly hit the ball is everything. This helps you determine what is going wrong with the shot.

The first time I used a Mizuno T P Mills putter for example, it got to the point where I dreaded the putt when approaching the green. Normally you can watch the ball hit the face of a putter and know whether the shot has at least a chance of going in or not, but not in this case.

And that was the biggest problem... the Mizuno putter transferred no feeling from the face of the club to my hands. This means that you'll have a difficult time developing a solid stroke with it. The best way to describe it is to compare it to the old putters you might find at miniature golf places. It tends to make every putt feel like you're pushing around one of those concrete balls.

The design features of the Mizuno putters however, are outstanding. Like the Mizuno drivers, these golf clubs are lightweight and nicely balanced. Practice swings feel good and it's easy to keep the head of the putter from overly opening or closing during the putt. But even though the design is nice, this club affected our scores by adding 5 or 6 strokes due to all the missed putts.

So if you are thinking of buying one of these Mizuno putters, ask your local pro if you can try it for a round or two to see if you like it. If you're not able to try it first, our recommendation would be to pass on the Mizuno putter, BUT give some serious consideration to some of the other Mizuno golf clubs, like the Mizuno graphite driver and the Mizuno Utility Woods. They got the job done very nicely.

Best golfing success,

John Woods

Author Bio
John Woods has used all kinds of golf equipment in his quest for the perfect club or ball. Visit his golf club reviews site for additional information and golfing tips.

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