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Mortgage Advisers Wanted

By: Joe Kocsis

Mortgage Advisers Wanted!

We see adverts for mortgage advisers wanted in newspapers, magazines, the Internet and wonder if we could be successful in applying for those advertised positions.

Are you looking for an opportunity in the UK mortgage industry and finding it hard to get on to the mortgage advisor jobs ladder? The key to being successful in the mortgage industry is persistency but getting fixed up with work requires something else, EXPOSURE.

Do you want to apply for a mortgage advisers wanted advert? We all aspire to the nice things in life but rarely do we find the ideal job that gives us job satisfaction. Before deciding on any career, you have to identify your strengths and weaknesses and decide on what career path you want to follow. Having decided that you would like to pursue the mortgage advisor career, you need exposure. The more potential employers that you can meet and talk to, the better the chance of finding that mortgage advisor job.

The mortgage market is a recession proof business, as when times are good and consumer confidence is high, people tend to borrow for cars, holidays, home improvements and many other things. Then, when consumer spending has peaked and the economy slows down, many people experience difficulty repaying their debts and meeting their other financial commitments. In such circumstances, it is often necessary for them to consolidate their debts into one lower monthly repayment by remortgaging.

Remortgaging clients, debt consolidation, raising capital for home improvements, financing the purchase of holiday homes are all solutions that a mortgage advisor will be able to provide and it will keep them very busy in times of recession.

* Are you intent on being successful?
* Are you determined to become a high earner?
* Would you like to be in charge of your own destiny?
* Do you think that you would enjoy helping people with their finances?

Most mortgage advisors working for UK banks, building societies and estate agents work on a salary plus a bonus system and the employer keeps the bulk of the commission income generated from the sale of mortgages and insurances. The packages on offer to the employed UK mortgage advisor can range from a minimum of 15,000 pa plus car and bonuses, to 35,000 pa plus car and bonuses, dependent upon what part of the country you work in.

The self-employed mortgage advisor however can determine his/her own income but this can depend on a number of factors but generally the sky's the limit.

How skilled are they?
Do they arrange insurances?
Do they and can they charge a broker fee?

For the right person the job of a mortgage advisor can be extremely satisfying and for the successful once the world is their oyster as the opportunities are endless. Let your imagination run away with itself and picture the nice house, the quality car, the white sands on holiday and the clothes that you have always dreamed of.

How do we find those mortgage advisers wanted adverts? For the inexperienced individuals who cannot expose themselves to the potential employers there is help available. Employment agencies, referral systems and inside knowledge are all areas that will help the determined mortgage advisor job seeker.

As the Marketing director of Money Marketing Limited a UK company that trains budding mortgage advisers to CeMAP standards and beyond, we have established a number of UK contacts with potential employers and employment agencies to help individuals to find mortgage advisor jobs within the UK mortgage market.

Author Bio
Joe Kocsis is the Marketing Director of Money Marketing Limitedr. Follow this link mortgage advisor jobs for further information.

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