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Certified Schools Provide the Highest Quality Truck Driver Training for New Students

By: Mike Curts

If you've always wanted to learn to drive trucks, the highest quality training will ensure you're on the right road.

As used to be more common in years past, you could rely on the help of someone who's already experienced in the industry to "show you the ropes" over the course of a weekend or two. But as tempting as this is, in the long run, it's an irresponsible approach to take, as even the very best off-the-cuff training sessions fail to properly address everything that is needed to safely-and legally-operate a vehicle weighing up to 40 tons.

Another approach is to enter a truck driver training apprentice program with a specific trucking company. This is a better method for learning because you're assured of getting thorough training by a certified instructor. And in the end, you'll have a commercial driver's license (CDL) that authorizes you to haul cargo across all 50 states.

In this case however, your choice of jobs will be limited to the specific trucking company where you received your training. That means you have to take the routes they want you to take, when they want you to take them. And if there's a decrease in workload, your lack of experience and seniority may mean you'll be one of the first people to "park it" until business picks back up again.

The Best Option: A Certified Truck Driving School

The best approach to truck driver training is, without a doubt, a certified truck driving school. These institutions maintain the highest quality of education, safety, and on-the-road training in order to remain competitive in the marketplace-and to comply with the latest state, federal and local laws. In addition, the best truck driving schools offer tuition assistance and guaranteed employment with a variety of trucking companies-something that gives you ultimate freedom in choosing your new career.

Certified truck driving schools often have the latest equipment produced by the best manufacturers in the industry. You'll not only learn how to operate these vehicles in accordance with CDL requirements, but also how to operate them to help you maximize safety and efficiency-qualities that truck driving companies look for in new drivers.

A certified truck driving school is also current on any changes in laws or driver requirements affecting the industry. You're sure to have the most up-to-date training and certifications that will allow you to start right away with no surprises down the road.

As mentioned above, the best schools also offer tuition assistance and a guaranteed placement with any number of the nation's most reputable trucking carriers. You'll have your choice of which companies work best for you.

But the greatest advantage of going through truck driver training at a certified school is the starting salary. Most graduates average $40,000 or more right after graduation! This is in part because of the continued high demand for truckers these days, but it can also be attributed to the respect that trucking companies have for the skill sets that new graduates of certified schools possess.

The bottom line is that if you're looking to make the most of a career in trucking, a certified truck driving school offers the best opportunities allowing you to make the most of your career on the open road.

Author Bio
Mike Curts manages news and information for Driver Solutions, a CDL training and placement agency for inexperienced truck drivers. Follow this link for information on applying for truck driving school.

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