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Must Have Sony PlayStation 3 Accessories Reviewed and Explained

By: Aaron Brooks

The way games are played has changed drastically over the years. From simple board games to handheld games to TV games to sophisticated gaming consoles. And games are not exclusive to kids, teenagers, adults and seniors are hooked by the games and are investing in the sophisticated gaming devices and elaborate accessories.

Gamers competed with designers and manufactures to take gaming to new levels of excitement. This has lead to the creation of state-of-art accessories for the Sony play station. Here we take a close look at 3 accessories.

The 8MB memory card for Sony Playstation 2: Most games are not completed in a single sitting and as an avid gamer if you want to save your game mid-way to play later, or you want to save characters you have unlocked or levels you have jumped then you just cannot do so on the CD. To write data and save games you need a memory card.

Most techies will tell you that a memory card is vital to a devoted gamer, it's the very heart of a gaming console. The market has original Sony as well as third party memory cards which can be used on the playstation. An original Sony memory card retails for approximately USD 15-USD 20 and has 15 blocks on which games can be stored. The immediate advantage or an original versus a third party card is that the original Sony Playstation cards rarely crash and cause loss of valuable gaming data. They last more that four years and you can write and overwrite data with no problems at all. If you are just a casual gamer then you may just need a 15 block Sony original memory card that will offer great security and dependability.

Logitech Driving Force Pro Steering Wheel for Sony Playstation2: Gamers who are avid driving game players just cannot function without this Force Pro Steering Wheel. According to players using the steering wheel with the Sony Playstation 2 brings realism into the game and gives immediate force feedback. When playing driving simulator games the wheel introduces realism and the gamer can feel the torque and turn when confronted with different weather and road conditions during a game. It clues the player on how to reach new gaming levels by giving an indication of when to change tires, speed, and so on. It is made of durable material and offers a great grip and brings realism and comfort into driving games. The set up can be customized to suit individual needs. The wheel can be used for the playstation as well as PC, all a player has to do is download the USB steering wheel drivers from the Logitech site. The driving wheel retails at USD 129.99.

* Sony Network Adaptor : This allows players to play with gamers online. Using this accessory a Sony PlayStation gamer can expand his gaming base and test his gaming skills with gamers all over the world. The Network Adaptor permits gamers to compete against others, evolve in games, learn new tricks, and reach new levels of excitement. Costing around USD 35.49, the adaptor supports broad band as well as dial up internet connectivity. The CNET editor's review rated this accessory as 7.3 out of 10 which means very good.

Every gaming console has a parallel accessory market and gamers need to weigh the pros and cons of Sony Playstation accessories before spending valuable money. Two great sites that give in depth and informed reviews are and Learn all about gaming accessories and only buy the best.

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Aaron Brooks is a freelance writer for, the premier website to play thousands of free online games including arcade games, action games, card games, flash games, strategy games, puzzle games and more. He also freelances for Free Software Downloads Site

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