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Gift Ideas for Babys First Christmas

By: Jeremy White

Is there any time more exciting than that awestruck first year of parenthood, when life ceases to revolve around adult needs and instead centers on the beauty and miracle of a new birth?

When there's a baby in the house, the holidays take on heightened meaning. And none are more important than baby's first Christmas, which is a time that will be forever cherished and remembered by parents and grandparents alike.

But since infants develop so quickly in that first year of life, the difference between the abilities of a 12-month-old and, say, a two-month-old are astounding. One can probably unwrap gifts on their own with (or maybe even without) a little help. The other can't. One may be intrigued by building blocks. The other won't.

Point is, that first Christmas is far more important to the adults than the baby, which makes it a tad absurd that new parents stress so much over what to buy their bundle of perfection. Sure, buying for baby's first Christmas can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Here are five can't-miss gift ideas for newborns:

Teething Toys - When babies cut teeth, it's not pleasant for anyone in the household. Teethers are a necessity, but you can look beyond function and include a little form come Christmas. Buy the round teethers if you'd like, but also pick up a teething toy while you're at it. They're soft and loveable, and your baby will like the friendly, smiling bear or lion. She'll drag them with her as she starts to crawl and play with them on her blanket or in her playpen while you take a rest. And, of course, she'll chew on them!

Personalized Ornament - Granted, this gift is as much for the parent as the baby. But a personalized ornament is a must for baby's first Christmas. Be sure to get baby's name as well as the year engraved on the piece and hang it on your Christmas tree with pride each and every Christmas thereafter.

Books - Ask child development experts: it's never too early to begin reading to your children. Even reading to a newborn is a worthwhile task. If nothing else, the sound of your reassuring voice soothes them. Books help develop language skills and stimulate baby's mind. Choose vibrant, colorful books made of cloth that can be washed, because it's a sure bet the book will eventually end up in baby's mouth!

Car Seat Toys - Many babies fall fast asleep when the car begins moving. Others fight it and cry. Either way, a soft toy that lights up and makes sound is perfect for your daily travels. When baby has be stuck in the car seat, these toys stimulate and pacify them.

Clothing - Your little guy grows fast - too fast. Every season he needs new clothes and sleepers, and that's a drain on the household budget. Christmas is a perfect time to supply your baby with his winter wardrobe, which he'll wear into March in most parts of the country. Hey, take advantage of this opportunity now. When he gets older he probably won't want clothes for Christmas!

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Jeremy White, a writer for Imaginary Greetings, Inc., is a regular contributing author specializing in features, sports, business and food writing, and frequently contributes to a variety of print and online publications. To learn more about how to make your holiday tree magical vist

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