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Take a Chance in the Caribbean

By: Caitlin Moore

"Caribbean...," pronounce it how you like, this word tends to roll off the tongue like a string of island pearls and conjures images of blue skies, bluer waters, and the most idyllic of vacations. Boundaries and geography lessons aren't very relaxing, so just think of the Caribbean as that blessed region of gorgeous ocean where islands spring from beneath the gentle waves and good vibes dominate the atmosphere morning, noon, and night.

Choosing which island or islands to visit might cause you to head to the library or computer for some research and virtual exploration. A more creative and less demanding approach might be to let fate take its course. Flip a coin, or maybe throw a dart at a map of the Caribbean, and see where you're destined to have the vacation you've been pining away for. You really can't go wrong when it comes to visiting this region, so close your eyes and let the uninhibited spirit of the isles decide.

If the Virgin Islands take the spotlight, you're in for a treat. St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix make up the U.S. Virgin Islands, and this trio will not disappoint when it comes to providing an ideal Caribbean vacation. St. Thomas specializes in history as well as beauty, and offers the chance to tour Bluebeard's Castle, the Seven Arches Museum, and Fort Christian Museum, built in 1672. Turtle Beach in St. Croix has been voted one of the top ten beaches in the Caribbean and the nightlife in Christiansted is always amusing, yet this island preserves the appeal of being relatively un-crowded. St. John is the smallest yet arguably the most beautiful of the three, as its beaches are postcard-worthy and two-thirds of the island is a designated National Park.

If it looks like the Bahamas are in the cards, lady luck has shined on you again. Whether you feel like fishing, snorkeling, boating, or sunbathing, the turquoise waters surrounding this collection of islands will serve as a tranquil, sparkling reminder that you are far away from the land you call home. The town of Freeport offers casinos, shopping, and fine dining, and an array of smaller, outlying cays will allow you to experience a little privacy if that's what you're after. No matter where you stay within the Bahamas, you'll find yourself enjoying life as it is best enjoyed, decelerated, without stress or strain, and within view of the most arresting sunsets imaginable.

Another fortunate roll of the dice would single out Barbados for your vacationing pleasure. The British flavor of this island makes it quite intriguing, as does the presence of several world-class restaurants. The Flower Forest, Harrison's Caves, rugged cliffs, assorted water sports, and delightful duty-free shopping complete Barbados' image as a privileged and desirable addition to the Caribbean islands. A few days spent soaking up the sun in an ocean side villa and you'll forget what a traffic jam even looks like.

You've probably gotten the picture by now; the Caribbean is a haven for world-weary travelers looking to escape into a land of eternal summers and soothing tides. You would probably be happy staying on any of the islands within this magical, anxiety-free realm, but you might want to ensure that things go well by reserving a vacation rental with all the amenities you'll need to accentuate your picturesque surroundings.

You can't go wrong with a beachfront condo or a colorful cottage big enough to keep you and your traveling companions from trampling all over each other. Or, if you have romance in mind, seek out a secluded little hideaway to ensure all the uninterrupted cuddling time that you'll need. Book a place with a kitchen if you hope to save money on meals while fostering the intimacy of home, or rent a small castle and live like a king. No matter what you envision for this vacation, there is certainly a place available that you'll be happy to call home for a while.

After you've spun the wheel of fortune (or read a couple brochures) go online to find the Caribbean Vacation Rental that will serve as the final stroke of luck as you seek to achieve a truly stellar vacation.

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