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14 Great Tips for Better Holiday Photos

By: Sean McCarthy

Do you want better holiday photos? Are your snaps a bit of a let down? Follow my 10 top tips to get photos that will live up to the memories. You'll be amazed how good they'll look and your friends and family will too.

1. To get clear photos avoid camera shake or moving the camera as you take the photo. Squeeze the shutter gently and steady yourself against solid objects.

2. Frame the shot carefully to get well framed photos and keep fingers and other items away from the lens. Obvious but true and yes I have done it.

3. Experiment with compositions. Use roads and paths as strong lead-in lines, use objects in the foreground to add interest and tilt the camera for added drama.

4. Look for details. Often close-up shots of local objects can say as much about a location as scenic panoramas.

5. Take photos in the early morning light or the hour before sunset, know as the 'Golden Hours', for dramatic lighting.

6. Get up early and capture your holiday destination with a different character, empty of tourists and peaceful.

7. Really fill the frame with your subject for extra impact. Get close and then closer still. Move around and take photos from different angles.

8. Ask permission first if you want to take photos of local characters to avoid causing offence on cultural, personal or religious grounds.

9. Take photos on bad weather days. Some great atmospheric shots can be achieved when the weather is bad especially with stormy seas.

10. Frame your subject through doorways or windows to create a frame within a frame. Street entrances or trees can also work.

11. Photograph the old next to the new, modern next to the traditional or poverty in the midst of riches. These statement making photos will really stand out.

12. Look for strong graphic images such as sunset silhouettes or combinations of colour and form.

13. The sky can often be as dramatic as the land. If it is include more sky or even just the sky.

14. If you're shooting digitally check your shots as you go to make sure you get the best ones.

My final words are experiment, get involved, have fun. Don't be too stiff, relax and get into it. With digital cameras you can take as many photos as you want and just keep the good ones.

Author Bio
Sean McCarthy is the Marketing Director for the Help-Me-Park.Com and a keen amature photographer. Get a great start to your holiday by booking meet and greet airport parking at Gatwick with Save money and book airport parking across the UK in advance with -

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