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Last Male Bastion under Siege - Grab what profits you can NOW

By: Forex Uncovered

Women are set to step out from the shadows and earn the Lion's share of profit and consistently out perform the Men trading the Largest Market in the World.

Why? Because they are naturally better by design.

Well, I can hear the rumblings already - this is certainly going to throw the 'cat amongst the pigeons' and make me very unpopular with the men, but what the heck - I believe what I say, and I say what I believe. I'm a modern man.

Heads up guys, the truth is staring you in the face...

FACT: Women are thriftier than men.

Guys, could you manage to feed the family and buy new shoes each week on the house keeping money?

FACT: Women are more systematic and organized than men.

Observe your 'better half' in the kitchen or cleaning the house. She will have a routine for everything and God help anyone who disrupts it!

FACT: Women follow instruction (strategies and systems) far more diligently than men..

.. and are far less emotional in doing so! Did I say less emotional? OK, maybe that is stretching the point a bit, but the good news is that PMT could soon be standing for a 'Perfect Month's Trading'

FACT: Women have a built in advantage over men in that they nurture by nature.

What? Well, look at it this way - when you look back at your life how many times do you kick yourself and think:-

"If only I had stuck with that and had not become impatient; I would be set up for life right now"

Women have the natural ability to nurture from conception through to conclusion routinely, calmly and with care. Following things through to a successful conclusion is an attribute of all successful traders and it comes naturally to woman.

Now I am not saying that men cannot become great traders as most great traders are men, but trading should be a walk in the park for most women if only they knew it.

Head Trader

Author Bio The author, in his late forties has many years trading experience under his belt trading various markets including; Futures, Equities, and Foreign Exchange. His approach to trading has capital maintenance at its absolute core - it is the single biggest priority. This is a trading philosophy that has proven to be the key to consistent trading results. Detailed information is available at:

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