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Understand Your Dog
This article is what I went through to try and save my 2yr old puppy. I wish I could of done something sooner.
By: Mathew Chewing

What To Look For In A Rescue Cat From An Animal Shelter
If you have decided to get a new cat for your family, why not choose one from your local cat rescue home or animal shelter? There are so many animals that are in desperate need of a loving home.
By: Patricia Craggs

Standard Poodles - The People Pleaser
The Standard Poodle temperament is that of a people pleaser. They will go out of their way to make their humans happy.
By: Sandy Rioran

Obedience Training Determines Whether Your Dog Is Happy And Productive
Obedience training is one of the most important and most effective things any owner can do for his or her dog. A properly obedience trained dog is a happy, productive and safe member of the family, while a untrained dog can be destructive and even dangerous.
By: Jonathan Cheong

Avoid Discouragement And Confusion While Training Your Dog
Rewards just may be the single most important motivator in dog training. Obedience training through the use of rewards and other positive reinforcements has long been recognized as the most effective method of reaching most dogs and getting the best possible results.
By: Jonathan Cheong

Test Whether Your Dog Is Ready To Train And Fun Ways To Train Your Dog
Coming when called is a vital skill that every dog must learn, both for its own safety and that of those around it. A disobedient dog that refuses to come when called could easily be hit by a car, get into a fight with another dog, or suffer a variety of other bad experiences.
By: Jonathan Cheong

Advanced Dog Training - When To Give Your Dog Freedom Off The Leash
Many dog owners are anxious to give their four legged companions the freedom of going off leash, but it is important not to rush that important step. Dogs should only be allowed off their leash after they have become masters of all the basic obedience commands, such as walking at your heel, sitting and staying on command.
By: Jonathan Cheong

Parasites That Love Your Dog
Find out about some common parasites that might take up residence on your dog.
By: Lee Dobbins

Learn The Procedures Of Paper Training Your Dog For A Healthier And Cleaner Environment
House training a puppy does not need to be difficult, but it is important to take the process seriously, plan ahead and take things slowly. Some dogs will be easier to house break than others, so it important to work with your dog. Rushing the process can be counterproductive and cause you to have to start all over again.
By: Jonathan Cheong

How To House Train Your Dog Effectively
House training is one of the most important parts of training any dog to be a valued part of the family. As with many other aspects of dog training, the best way to house train a dog is to use the dog's own nature to your benefit.
By: Jonathan Cheong

Tips On Eliminating Your Puppy Bad Habits Of Whining, Excessive Barking And Chewing
Each type of unacceptable behavior requires its own specific cures, and in most cases the cures will need to be tailored to fit the specific personality of the dog. Every breed of dog has its own unique personality characteristics, and every individual within that breed has his or her own unique personality.
By: Jonathan Cheong

How You Can Prevent Your Puppy From Jumping On People, Tugging The Leash And Roaming Around Dangerously
Unfortunately, eliminating problem behaviors is one thing that most dog owners eventually face. Here we will focus on a few of the most commonly encountered behavior problems.
By: Jonathan Cheong

Simple Solutions With Dealing And Overcoming Dog House Training Issues
In essence, the crate, or the room, becomes the dog's den. Dogs are naturally very clean animals, and they try their best to avoid using their dens as toilets.
By: Jonathan Cheong

What You Should Know About Crate Training - One Of The Most Effective Ways Of House Training Any Puppy Or Dog
The concept behind crate training is that a dog naturally strives to avoid soiling the area where it eats and sleeps. By placing the dog in the crate, this instinct is enhanced. The dog will come to see the crate as its den, and it will try to avoid soiling its den.
By: Jonathan Cheong

The One Important Aspect You Must Differentiate In Order To Gain Respect From Your Dog
The basis of training any animal is winning its trust, confidence and respect. True training cannot begin until the animal has accepted you as its leader, respects you and entrusted you with his or her confidence.
By: Jonathan Cheong

The Do's And The Don'ts Of House Training Your Puppy
House training a puppy is very important for the well being of both the puppy and the owner. The number one reason that dogs are surrender to animal shelters is problems with inappropriate elimination, so it is easy to see why proper house training is such an important consideration.
By: Jonathan Cheong

How To Find a Search and Rescue Dog Training School
Search and Rescue (SAR) dog training is cutting-edge, in the dog training world, where lives can hang in the balance. Here are some important things to consider in choosing the right SAR dog training school.
By: Melissa Buhmeyer

Coping with the Loss of a Pet
Some people seem to be unsure or even embarrassed about the depth of grief and loss that they feel when a close pet dies. But the truth of the matter is that we form a very special bond with our pets, they become part of the family and we love and take care of them for many years.
By: Dave Watson

Fun Dog Activities
Do you have a young dog and want to get him active? Here is an article you will want to read listing several activities to start your dog on a healthy active lifestyle.
By: Mike Mathews

Protect Your Pets from the Pound
Pets are people, too. At least, that's the way they should be treated by their owners. The sad reality, though, is that a lot people own pets when they're really not ready to care properly for their little furry friends. Or they just don't know how to love, clean, and treat a cat, dog, or other animal the right and humane way. What happens to these poor animals? Many end up in shelters, lost and unwanted-to the tune of 6 to 8 million every year according to the Humane Society. At least half of those end up being "put to sleep," to put it nicely.
By: Donald Lee

Breed Success in Your Puppy Search
The numbers will make any pet lover blanch with disgust, anger, and sadness. The Humane Society of the United States calculates that as many as 500,000 puppies every year are sold in pet shops, and that many of these pet shops buy their pets from the worst breeders-so-called puppy mills. What do these puppy mills (and kitty mills) have to do with you if you're on the market for a new furry companion? You know what you're doing when it comes to buying a purebred, right?
By: Donald Lee

Great Danes - Their Origin And Temperament
Find out about Great Danes, their origins and temperament.
By: Richard Cussons

10 Cat Care Guidelines
There area many common sense rules to follow when caring for your cat. These rules are simple and will ensure your cat will be healthy and happy.
By: Dave Markel

Breeding Livebearers - Guppies & Swordtails
Article on how to breed livebearers such as guppies and swordtails.
By: Mike Magnum

How To Set Up A Quarantine Tank
How to set up a quarantine tank for tropical fish.
By: Mike Magnum

How To Setup A Freshwater Aquarium
Step by step article on how to set up a freshwater aquarium.
By: Mike Magnum

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