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Publishing E-zines via RSS

By: Rok Hrastnik

It's clear that RSS and e-mail in fact need to be used together, as opposed to either one replacing the other.

While RSS might not be used by as many people as e-mail, you can be sure that those that do use it and subscribe to your feeds will get your content without fail. In addition, many already prefer to receive information via RSS instead of e-mail, making RSS an absolute must as a supplement to e-mail delivery.

Let's now take a detailed look at exactly how RSS and e-mail can work together.


What's the use of an excellent e-mail e-zine if it's blocked by spam filters or lost in the recipient's mailbox? No matter how high quality content you prepare, if it's not received it can't be read and then acted upon to drive sales your way.

Namely, you need to stop thinking of your e-zine in terms of e-mail delivery, but rather consider it as a vehicle to present relevant and related content in a specific context of an individual e-zine issue, which can then be delivered to your recipients in multiple ways.

Just consider newspapers, which are delivered in print format, on the Web, via e-mail and RSS as well, all this to assure optimum delivery according to end-user preferences.

While most e-zine publishers will never consider presenting their e-zine in print format and delivering it via traditional delivery services, you need to explore all available means of online delivery. After e-mail, RSS is the first that comes to mind.

Using RSS to announce your e-zine via RSS is the simplest and least expensive way to get started with RSS and it will help you make sure that your valuable content in fact does get delivered, at least to the audience using RSS.


What is the process behind traditional e-zine publishing?

How can we now transfer this process to publishing your e-zine via RSS as well?


We first need to understand how RSS content delivery works.

All of this might sound complicated, but it really is not. Let's now take a look at the process from the e-zine publishing point of view.



As you can see this is a simple process and it only takes about 5 minutes more to do than just doing an e-mail version, and it will ensure that your content is now accessible to all those that prefer RSS to e-mail, it will generate additional exposure for your content by being included in RSS search engines and directories and it will generate more search engine visibility for you.

The best part is that the technology to publish an RSS feed in such a way is widely available and there are quite a few tools to choose from.

If simple e-zine delivery via RSS is your starting goal, a desktop solution should work very nicely. Just try out, which is the market leader in this category, or the less advanced but free

Keep in mind that only using RSS for e-zine announcements is the simplest way to go and that there is much much more you can do with RSS.

In the next article of the series we'll take a look at how you can measure the readership of your RSS e-zine version and then take on other ways RSS and e-mail can work together.

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