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Travel Accessories the Traveler's Enigma

By: Reed Oxman

How often have you prepared for a dream vacation? You have cleared your schedule at work, after painstaking negotiations with you colleges. You then have to decide whether you're going to travel alone, or with your significant other. Next, you must decide whether to pay for your airline ticket(s) in coach with USD, along with accruing frequent flier miles, or to purchase your ticket in Business Class with those precious saved up frequent flier points.

Next comes lodging. You have to decide between levels of hotels. The highest level, the 5star luxury hotels that any travel agent would be pleased to show you pictures that they took themselves on a FAM trip. The lowest acceptable by most tourists or business travelers is the 3 star hotel, those hotels that you learn about through the recommendations of previous travelers, where character takes the place of see through elevators, where breakfast is included, and where you begin to understand the sound of the language, so you attempt to speak the few words you remember from foreign language classes in high school.

Next comes a drastic diet and clothes shopping for those perfect skin tight Denims, along with other "necessary" perfect clothing articles that your home closet always seems to be missing at this point in you trip preparations. Now what have I forgotten, you ask yourself?? Well let me tell you what you forget every time.

Think back to previous trips whether by air, sea, car etc. Remember all that wasted time and huge expense (as compared to the costs at home) during your trip, searching for all those need Travel Accessories, the ones you promised yourself you wouldn't forget next time! The required digital camera, to document your visits to all the new sights around you. And that needed portable DVD player, now made as light as a feather, to use while traveling to and from your destinations, along with those times during your trip when you have decided you must take a day for R & R, or you won't have the energy to continue on any more daily excursions, or presenting yourself at mandatory, lectures, meetings, or performances.

Well, by surfing the Internet, you will find web site(s) that carry all those necessary travel accessories. Each and every item can conveniently be purchased prior to your departure date. Miracle of miracles, you now have a lot of extra time and money that you previously spent trying to finds those forgotten but needed items. But, of course, at you destination, each travel accessory is sold at inflated tourist prices, now that you are away from home. Now you have extra money and time on your hands, that you can use on much more pleasurable experiences, the type that you traveled a far distance to see and experience in the first place. Thus, by knowing the answer to the unnecessary travel enigma, you can begin your trip far ahead of the game.

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Author Bio
Reed Oxman is also creator and owner of the best place to purchase your needed Travel accessories electronics. Born and raised in California, he attended UC Berkeley Undergraduate, UC Los Angeles Medical School of Medicine and became Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Pain Management.

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