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Selling Ebooks for Dummies

By: Peter Timko

Ebooks. It seems like they have been with us for some time now. At the beginning of digital technology it was predicted that digital books - Ebooks would replace conventional printed books. Obviously this is not going to happen at least not too soon. People still love traditional hard cover books. Who would like to sit in the bath with a computer in his hands to read one or two chapters of his favourite Ebook?

But in today's fast online world, convenience of instant delivery and huge supply and variety on the market together with cheaper price - the Ebook is a fantastic product and has its place on the market. Ebooks are easy to store, file, and copy. You can write and publish your own Ebook for next to nothing and sell it for almost 100% profit over and over again. On the other hand - only shipping takes about 7-14% on average of sales of traditional hard cover books. So if you're looking to work at home part-time or full-time and thinking about your options, Ebooks should definitely be on your list to consider.

Those are only few of many questions you could ask yourself when thinking about getting into this business. Let's have a closer look at them.

Obviously a good start would be the internet access. Getting a good reliable service provider with minimum downtime is quite easy these days. The internet is much cheaper than it used to be. Do a small research on the market of internet providers in your area.

There is a good variety of Ebooks for sale with resell rights on the market. Buy such Ebook and you can resell it again and again. Convenient, you say if someone else has done the writing for you. Yes, but remember that thousands of other sellers can be selling the same Ebook as we speak. The point is to choose good portfolio of Ebooks to sell.

If you found something, try to do a Google search on the same Ebook and see how many other sellers there are. You don't want to be the seller number 2.564 867. But you don't want to sell the only Ebook in the world that nobody wants either.

You can become an affiliate of other established sellers and sell their Ebooks too. They pay you anything between 5-25% commission on every sale you make.

Or you can go the harder way and write the Ebooks yourself. Find niche topics about specific category that you're interested in like gardening or science, music, hobbies, something you're good at. Ask your family or friends what they think about your idea.

Once you have your product or products - Ebooks, it's time to make the decision on how and where to sell them. A great way to sell Ebooks is in auction like eBay. If you are not already a seller you can sign up for a free account as a seller. It takes less than 5 minutes. You don't have to market the Ebooks on eBay, it's done for you for a small fee.

Other way is to set up your own web page and sell the Ebooks from there. But if your website is new, you need to get some traffic to it. That means to market the site, to appear in the search engines like Google or Yahoo or MSN so that whenever your potential customers search for the words like Ebooks, your website is listed. Or to have a link or ad on another established website that will draw traffic to your site. Word of mouth is also a great marketing tool. Paid advertisement is a good way to start too. Try combination of those techniques and be patient. Success takes time. But it will come...

Customers who bought your Ebook should have the option to pay you online. Paypal is a great and one of the most secure online payment systems in the world. Quote from their website, about Paypal: "Paypal enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal's service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution."

Whether you've sold your Ebook on eBay or from your website, you get a notification on email about the order once it's been paid for. You can then email your customer a download link to download the Ebook (if it's on a server) or send it as attachment in the email. Congratulations on your first sale!

Author Bio
Peter is the webmaster on - one time fee Ebook store. One of the greatest Ebook packages online. Read the FAQs or contact their friendly customer support if you decided to sell Ebooks. It has never been easier!

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