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Choosing the Right Engagement Ring For Valentines Day

By: Jamie Snodgrass

Engagement rings are a symbol of a promise and a commitment for the future. They are highly romanticized and something that girls fantasize about, probably starting about the time they first notice boys. They will most likely change their mind more than several times, both about the boy they envision giving them the ring and about what the ring that symbolizes their engagement will look like.

Engagement fantasies are just that - fantasies; I can assure you that they are not thinking along the lines of what a discount ring, or even an affordable ring will look like. As they get older, their character and values will determine whether their fantasies are more towards marrying for love, or for status. It is a horrifying thought to know that the majority of marriages are somewhat of a business decision. I guess that would apply as well then, to the engagement.

Inexpensive engagement ring ideas may come to mind for the pure of heart who only fantasize about that the man of their dreams be wonderful and kind, and not necessarily worldly and successful. One of the main arguments that create conflict in a marriage is finances. If the man of your choice doesn't have unlimited financial resources at the time of his proposal, you may want to choose an affordable engagement ring.

Jewelers offer beautiful rings in all qualities, sizes and price range. It should not be difficult to find a ring to suit your taste and budget but if you are creative and can't find the ring of your dreams, another option would be to design your own ring and have it custom made.

One thing to ask the jeweler before choosing a ring is the grade of the diamond. Diamonds are graded and priced according to what is referred to as the four Cs for color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

Read everything you need to know about purchasing a diamond engagement ring and more.

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