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Two Ways to Market Yourself Without Spending a Dime

By: Jay Conners

Unfortunately not all of us have a budget to fit what we believe to be our marketing needs. No need to get down, here are a few very simple things you can do that have stood the test of time, and are proven to attract more business.

For starters, smile often if not always. I'm sure you are familiar with the phrase "smile it's contagious." Well it is.

Think about it, would you want to speak with, or do business with someone who frowned all the time. It just is not attractive and it turns people in the other direction.

Smiling says a lot about your personality and attracts people to you. It tells a potential customer that you are friendly, upbeat, and most of all it tells them that you enjoy what you do.

When someone approaches you about your products and services, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. By smiling, you will have easily accomplished this.

The second tip for marketing yourself and your products is having a good posture, or portraying an over all positive body language.

Again, body language will speak volumes to your customer.

Imagine approaching someone who looks as though they have just lost their best friend. Shoulders hunched over, no eye contact, no smile, with a whoa is me attitude.

Nobody wants to approach this kind of sales person. This type of body language sends a message to your potential customer that you are seriously lacking in confidence. Or, that you just flat out do not like your job, or the company you work for.

If a potential customer believes that you don't care for your current job or for the company that you are working for, than they will most likely believe that you will not care about them and their needs.

Customers want to approach upbeat, confident people. They want to know that they will be receiving the best possible products and services you have to offer that will match their needs. A presentable, positive, and confident image will portray these messages to your customer.

So smile, stand up straight, make eye contact, and shake hands with your customer.

Once again, these two tips have proven over time to attract and obtain customers. It is easy and it is free, so begin today, and good luck.

Author Bio
Jay Conners has more than fifteen years of experience in the banking and Mortgage Industry, He is the owner of, a mortgage resource site.

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